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Monday, November 28, 2011


| Monday, November 28, 2011 |

Date of birth was the memorable day which is always one of the most important means to every human life.

It is not only closely connected to each of us on every step, but also influences on our life and fate. It reminds each of us the day when we elevated voices of crying, when we first met our loved parents. Every year, in the fixed moment, we’ll hold a birthday party to celebrate the day that we were born. In addition, it is an opportunity to receive best wishes of a bright future from our parent, friends and colleagues.

It is also an occasion to gather friends and sharing with them the happy moment that you never want them to end. Moreover, birthday is the day to remember the merit and boundless love of our parents who gave birth, nurtured and taught us to stand in our current position. So why don’t we celebrate this extremely special by lending an aid from literature, and a poem is always a good choice. A birthday poem will not only bring a funny atmosphere to the party but the catchy words can also move the feeling of the gift’s receiver. Let the poem below become a beautiful and meaningful present for your best friend and relatives.

happy birthday poems

Poems#1: “A Birthday Wish

Your birthday is the perfect time
to wish you nothing less
than favorite memories, plans and dreams
that bring you happiness,
for birthdays are a link between
the future and the past,
reminding us to treasure most
those special joys that last.”

Poems#2: “birthday of a family

You didn’t arrive with gift-wrap and bows
Instead you arrived in Mother Nature’s attire
Complete with ten little fingers, and ten little toes.
Your Gender determined by the Powers of Heaven, and
He created you are for us, the perfect selection.
Additionally as Parents, we undeniably have imperfections.
From the second you were born, you became an integral part of our life
Love of family developed into a major component, forming a connection
Of devoted love and affection.
You have inspired in us unlimited pride, undoubtedly visible in your achievements acquired.
From infancy to adult you have made our life complete and fulfilling,
Assembling a life of adequate significance desired.
We’ve gained far more from you, than we ever gave.
Lots of Memories are etched in our minds, plus additional
Memories of the future to continually engrave.
In conclusion we want to add,
Have a Wonderful Birthday!
ALL OUR LOVE: Mom and Dad”
~© Margie Parsons~

Poems#3: “Blessing From Above

As I look at you
All innocent and brand new
Free of the world
And all its unclean influences
I wonder
Can I really do this
Am I really the best one
To teach you
To love you
To protect you
You are so dependent upon me
I don't want to fail
You are too precious
To disappoint
You look at me
With that huge smile
All I want to do is love you
You are so forgiving
When I fall short
Of what you truly deserve
I am blessed to have you
Grateful to my Father
That He loves and trusts me
Enough to send you to me
Will you truly ever know
What a blessing you are”
~Karen Schwausch~

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