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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Take a moment away from every trouble

| Tuesday, January 10, 2012 |

Take a moment away from every trouble,
let me place you in this rainbow bubble.
Everything that's good and true is what you are.
For your birthday they have birthed a wishing star.
Yours will be the first wish that it honors,
it will hear many more when we are goners.
I beg you make this wish just for you,
make it for something shiny bright and new.
Let the year to come bring something great,
miracles and the magic of a kind fate.
I wish that I could create a birthday cake
worthy of the beauty that your heart can make.
You are the light within the darkest spaces.
Now everyone, put smiles on your faces.
Happy Birthday Dallas, we love you so.
May angels guide you everywhere you go.
Take your time now to enjoy this day
Lord gives blessings along your way
Look at the beauty that God has made
All life and nature that is displayed
You too God has created you
May God’s blessings be upon you

As we celebrate today
Your happiest birthday
With your friends and family
Full of precious memories
That you will keep in your heart
So celebrate with joy and happiness
Happy Birthday to you

Another year has gone passed
The time seems very fast
God has special plans for you
Knowing that you will go through
Place your hopes and trust upon him
And He will guide you until the end